Group Buying Discount

Group Buying Discount

  • 20 Jul 2018
  • Iting Arato

U-Cube Creative has received many inquiries and orders from bars and restaurants; they are wondering if we can offer bigger discounts for bulk buying. The answer is
!! YES !!
We are happy to help these businesses to provide better quality ice for their customers and also to promote the concepts of clear ice in drinks. 
Our discounts depend on the total amount of your order:
When you order US$150 and more ➡️ 15% off  ➡️ Discount Code: PUR150
When you order US$250 and more ➡️ 20% off  ➡️  Discount Code: PUR250
When you order US$500 and more ➡️ 25% off  ➡️  Discount Code: PUR500
When you order US$1,000 and more ➡️ 30% off  ➡️  Discount Code: PUR1000
Wholesale price available by request.
Because of the limited setting options, we apologize the system cannot provide discount automatically at checkout. Please remember to enter discount code at checkout to claim your discount. Thank you.
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