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What is Polar Ice & Glass?

U-CUBE Creative is a specialist design house based in Taipei, Taiwan.專門為威士忌愛好者設計用品,為大家提供美好的品飲經驗。我們的產品在 銷售,並配送到世界各地。
我們的品牌產品 Polar Ice & Glass is “the best partners (friends) of whiskey”. [Our mantra is “unlocking the mystery of whisky”. - The whisky shop]
產品包括能製作 crystal clear ice 的製冰盒,以及專業的品酒杯組。
By that we aim to un-complicate the apparently complicated, speak plain language and deliver excellent service to our customers.
工欲善其事 必先利其器
可以彰顯您珍藏的威士忌 提供最佳的口感與味道。(簡單明確的說明我們的特性與TA)
庶民用的專業工具產品 (方便、professional tools)
If you are confused in the whiskey world, use Polar Ice & Glass we can:
您也可以是專家 MASTER



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