Crypto Cash
for Humans


Physical crypto made from space age materials and time-locked Kong. You can keep it in your pocket, or spend it just like cash. No transaction fees, no paper trail, no more usability disasters.

Physical Crypto

Half of all transactions are settled with physical cash. Kong is the first crypto-cash; combining state-of-the-art secure elements, groundbreaking flex PCBs, and time-locked smart contracts.

Everyone understands how to use physical cash, but most don’t know how to use crypto. Kong does for cash what Bitcoin did for money. It opens the floodgates for the next billion crypto users.

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4,140 Kong notes have been deployed with a total value of 98,450 Kong.

How Does
KONG Work?

Kong are comprised of a two parts - a physical note with a special purpose secure element, and a time-locked smart contract that mints the Kong asset. The secure element generates a private key which can never be extracted; the public key is stored in the smart contract. Kong is claimable only after expiration AND with a signature from the secure element chip.

Before the note has expired you can treat it just like cash. Unlike fiat cash, the total supply can be trivially audited and unlike crypto, can be exchanged with no records or transactions fees.

Challenge Via NFC

Send a nonce which the KONG note signs.

Verify Signature

Compare signature against public key stored in smart contract.

Claim Crypto Asset

If after the date printed on the note, claim the crypto asset.