Tripod Tasting Glass - Caldron for Rich Aromas


U-CUBE Creative



    The unique shape of Caldron glass is specifically designed for tasting the complex and rich flavors. The distinctive shape concentrates rich aroma in its round belly, and let the fruity and floral bouquets flows naturally along the flared rim.

    Best for tasting liquors with rich aroma. We recommend Caldron Glass for Bourbon whisky and Scotch from Speyside.

    Learn more about Tripod Tasting Glass.


    Cleaning & Precautions:

    • Product is handmade, so there may be irregularities in the texture of the glass & slight differences in shape between the cups.
    • Because the thin wall, avoid washing it in the dishwasher. Gently place ice cubes and other hard objects in the glass to avoid breaking it.

    Shipping details

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