Polar Animals - Second Silicone Mold with different pattern (6cm dia. x 2)

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U-CUBE Creative


Second mold only for the backers who owned original version of Polar Animals


Impress your guest with【Polar Animals】

We use the pattern of Polar Animals to decorate the ice ball. Because the animal figure melts quickly, we recommend the following way to use your  polar ice balls.

✭ First put the polar ice ball in the glass, do not pour the drink right away, serve the glass to your guests. Wait for the frost on the ice ball to fade and slowly reveal the clear ice ball with the animal figure.


✭ Enjoy each other’s company, tell a story or two as the frost fades, and wait for them to be delighted by the beautiful ice ball. Now, slowly pour on the whiskey, cocktail... The process of pouring the drink and flowing over the ice, will deeply impress your guests.

Design Concept

The interior design reflects the purity and cleanliness of crystal clear ice and echoes our polar theme. The stacked and layered look of case itself is intended to resemble a melting iceberg. The white & blue textured surface reflects the quiet harmony of the earth's uninhabited Polar Regions.

 How to use it?

Creative Applications

Polar Ice Age | To freeze animal figures or items to surprise your guest.

It just looks fascinating.

Pure and clear ice ball is the best for your whiskey.