Polar Ice Tray - Hints to make crystal clear ice

Polar Ice Tray - Hints to make crystal clear ice

Polar Ice Tray increases your chance to get crystal clear ice, however, it cannot beat physics. The following picture gives us a closer look at an ice cube reveals air bubbles and particles, which reflects light and makes the ice look cloudy.

Freezing speed and particles in water are two main reason of cloudy ice. Our goal is to freeze the ice slower and eliminate these bubbles and particles as much as possible to achieve clear ice.

Hint 1:  Freeze it SLOW.

  • When freezing speed is fast, air bubbles don't have time to dissolve in water and therefore be trapped between ice crystals. These bubbles then diffuse light and cause the cloudy looks.
  • Set your freezer temperature warmer, do not use the coolest setting.
  • Keep Polar Ice Tray away from freezer fan outlet.
  • Use room temperature water. Warm and boiled water can also achieve better results, however, they are not required.

Hint 2:  Avoid mineral water and water with high calcium.

  • When your ice ball is all cloudy, it shows the water itself is the problem. It is normally not possible to have clear ice from water with high minerals like calcium, bicarbonate and others.
  • Use filtered water, purified water, distilled water or any other kinds of water with minimal minerals.

Hint 3:  Avoid air bubble building up in the tray.

  • Pour water slowly and gently into Polar Ice Tray to prevent generate more bubbles in the water.
  • Tap the silicone layer of Polar Ice Tray slightly after filling water to dislodge the bubbles. (refer to following image)
  • Use boiled water, this help sometime. Air can be driven out of water during the heating, however, the air can get back in the water fairly quick too.
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