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Your Home Bar

Prepare creative drinks to impress your guests

Your Home Bar

Relax and have a glass of drink anytime at home

Improve the quality of your lives

U-CUBE specializes in observing details of life from various angles. To encounter several simple ideas to improve the quality of life; to enhance the enjoyment of life by various design and creative products.

Our Concepts

Clear Ice

The patented design separates water molecules from impurities. Clear ice brings out the best taste of your drinks.


Whiskey Tasting

To transform the traditional drinking vessel of the Shang Dynasty in Chinese history into a modern functional object.


Table Decoration

Stories to be told in beautiful patterns; a boutique of all kinds of household decorations.


Your Home, Your Own Bar

make a drink; sit and enjoy the moment

Make a drink whenever you feel like it

Lay back on the couch and be yourself

Crystal Clear Ice in Your Homemade Drinks


I love the drinks made with the ice ball. Friends really like it and are amazed that I have ice in that shape!

Kirk Olson on Facebook

Perfect Ice Ball Every Time Always in search of the perfect ice ball maker, my search is over, this is as advertised the best, crystal clear 2.5" ball, very easy to use.

Robert Reeveon on Amazon

Amazing.... We were skeptical; but, CLEAR ICE BALLS do take longer to melt - love it!

Shortyon on Amazon

Your Home Bar


Grand Opening - 25% off on all product

Grand Opening - 25% off on all product

In order to celebrate the opening to our brand new U-CUBE Creative store, we are offering 25% off on all order (yes! even the items that's already...
Polar Ice Ball - Melting Time Test

Polar Ice Ball - Melting Time Test

What is more annoying than melting ice to dilute you drinks? Don't worry, Polar Ice Tray solved your problem. Check out our video to see how much...
Tripod Tasting Glass - Design & Manufacture

Tripod Tasting Glass - Design & Manufacture

The design put a lot of thoughts in making Tripod Tasting Glass. Not only influences of the spirit taste, but also the appearance of the glasses. ...

Transfer your home to a bar

Ever wondering why the drinks you make at home don't taste as good as the ones you brought in the bar? Do you know ice quality has huge impacts on drinks? 

Perfect for drink lovers and home parties; Polar Ice Ball is a patented device that allows anyone to make multiple clear ice spheres & cubes in any ordinary home refrigerator.