You do not need to be a supertaster to enjoy the whiskey on another level.

You do not need to be a supertaster to enjoy the whiskey on another level.

Are you a supertaster?


“It tastes good!” may be only a common sentence for most people, but for super-tasters, it really means a storm of sensory experiences. Supertasters are born with more than 2~3 times more taste buds than the average person. Sometime a single sip can bring them on a complete tasting journey. The designers of Polar Ice & Glass would like to make this experience more accessible to the average person.

▲Taste buds on human‘s tonque


Tasting whiskey is simple, isn’t it?


Deceptively simple, the touch of glass, the first smell, the visual of color, the sound of ice collision, the initial taste on tongue, the middle taste of the flowing (chewing), and the aftertaste of the swallowing, which all are the whole whiskey tasting experiences.

▲Five senses of human beings

The subtleties that can be detected by our five senses: vision, touch, smell, hearing, and taste can create a sensory feast which super-tasters (people with heightened sensory perception) experience easily. Sharing deep sensory experiences can bring people from all over the world closer together – but you don’t need to be a natural-born super-taster to join in.


A playground of flavours on the tip of your tongue: one whiskey experienced in multiple dimensions. 


Polar Ice & Glass is designed with scientific precision and minimalist aesthetics. The proportions are meticulously chosen to heighten the taste and smell of whiskey in different ways. Polar Ice & Glass includes the Polar Ice Ball and Tripod Tasting Glasses.

▲The tasting experience is a combination of 5 senses. Polar Ice & Glass presents different tastes and ways to experience the same whisky.


The Trio Set for a complete tasting experience

▲Handcrafted, curves designed with precision make the flavors of whiskey fully come to life. (red: spicy, ethanol yellow: floral, light blue: woody, roast)

▲The curved cup edge disperses the rich aromas
of whiskey for a smooth taste.

Retro Tasting Glass for Rich Aromas: The bulging cup holds a sufficient amount of whiskey for its aroma to condense. The arc-shaped cup edge can disperse the alcohol while also guiding the liquid towards your sweet taste buds gradually, allowing for the taste to build in complexity and resolve in a warm and lingering aftertaste. It is recommended for tasting whiskey with high sweetness, rich aromas and complex taste.

Cylinder Tasting Glass for Easy Drinking: Shaped like a beaker, the wide opening allows ethanol to dissipate quickly so drinkers can enjoy their whiskey neat and straight. This glass also makes it easier to mix cocktails or to add ice if you're enjoying your whisky on the rocks. It is recommended for whiskies with smoky flavors, mellow whiskies or those with high alcohol concentrations.

▲The beaker shape can reduce the sharp sting 
of alcohol and is suitable for those who enjoy mellow whiskies

▲The narrower opening gathers the aromas within the glass to create a perfectly balanced tasting experience.

ISO Tasting Glass for Authentic Flavor: Designed following the best and most useful shape defined by ISO. The “stretched egg” shape allows the liquor to fully breathe, and the narrower opening gathers the aromas within the glass to create a perfectly balanced tasting experience. It is recommended for tasting soft and light whiskies with low alcohol concentrations, and for tasting the authentic flavors of whiskey.

The specially designed base makes the glass very comfortable to hold.


Higher level of taste, vision and pure reward


 ▲Crystal clear ice ball adds magical beauty to life.

High quality ice cubes are essential for whiskey tasting. Here, we encourage you to use the Polar Ice Ball to replace cloudy ice cubes. We promise they offer the perfect appreciation of taste.

Designed by the calculations of a mechanical engineer the Polar Ice Ball creates ice purely transparent and free of impurities. Have you ever tried putting a fine glass of whiskey with crystal clear ice ball in front of the sunset? Through this whisky, the magical moment of the day will become even more illusory (phantom). Polar Ice Ball without impurities also represents no smell, and melts slowly. We never allow a trace of possible odors to be mixed and destroy the authentic taste.


Experience it! We passed the test of supertasters.


Polar Ice & Glass has been certified by the supertasters, and had achieved $290,000 support on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. It is a great honor that we have also won the award for Design Awards many times, including the recognition of the Red Dot Design award, and have multinational patents to make you understand that this is really our exclusive design. Beautiful shape and delicate function are our pride.

Having the heightened senses of a supertaster may seem like an exciting skill. But you do not need to be a supertaster to taste whiskey. Polar Ice & Glass can unlock aromas and flavors in whisky only experienced by supertasters, and help to explore the unique whisky world more splendid.

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