Polar Ice Tray - Structure & Freezing Process

There will always be air bubbles and impurities in water, Polar Ice Tray cannot make these bubbles and impurities go away like magic (although we wish we can). However, Polar Ice Tray can separate clear water and impurities to form crystal clear ice.

Normally the ice would freeze from outside inward, and therefore push the bubbles and impurities to the center of the ice. See the following image.

Normally the ice would freeze from outside inward to trap bubbles and impurities in the center to cause cloudy ice. With patented design from Polar Ice Tray, the water freezes from top to bottom and push all bubbles and impurities to the bottom layer to form crystal clear ice. 

So, another question. Does boil water help to make clear ice!? In our opinion, Yes and No. Yes - by boiling water, we discard most of the air bubbles in the water. No - the impurities are still there. Moreover once the boiling process is done, the air would go back in the water very soon. Polar Ice Tray is still your best choice to make crystal clear ice without all these hassles!

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