Wine Aerator

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A wine aerator inspired by Dionysus, the god of wine, harvest, and ecstasy. Harness the power of divine intervention to transform any wine into its most enjoyable form.

Features of Dionysus Wine Aerator

■ Quick Aeration in 30 seconds |opens up flavors and smoothes out sour notes
■ Stackable|the Dionysus can be stacked to increase the aerating time and effect
■ Grape shaped|to highlight the origins of wine
■ Multi-purpose adjustable stand|Easily adapted to different drinking vessels
■ Splash-proof design|Excellent craftsmanship ratio to protect every precious drop of wine
■ Easy to clean|Borosilicate (Heat-resistant) non-toxic glass, dishwasher safe
■ Sustainable|can be reused indefinitely

The magic taste of wine - Dionysus creates the taste of wine that you have never tasted before.

How Does Dionysus Work?

The sourness and astringency of wine comes from the grape skins during the wine making processes. Grape skin contains a phenolic substance called tannic acid. Aerating and decanting can greatly enhance the smoothness and taste of wine. Aerating wine allows for compounds like sulfites to evaporate while the exposure to oxygen rounds out acidity and opens up richer aromas.


The perforated layer breaks up the wine like rain drops, creating more surface area for air exposure.


The wine flows down the sides of the glass grape, increasing contact with oxygen.


The wine flows into the venturi injector, sucking in additional air through the small holes due to the pressure difference, further mixing the wine with oxygen.

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