Dionysus Wine Aerator




֎ Quick Aeration in 30 seconds |opens up flavors and smoothes out sour notes
֎ Grape shaped|to highlight the origins of wine
֎ Splash-proof design|to protect every precious drop of wine
֎ Stackable|the Dionysus can be stacked to increase the aerating time and effect
֎ Sustainable|can be reused indefinitely
֎ Easy to clean|Borosilicate (Heat-resistant) non-toxic glass, dishwasher safe


Why you need to aerate the wine?

Red wine has an astringent taste which is caused by tannins comes from the skins of the wine grapes.

The traditional method of decanting is to pour the wine into a glass container and let it sit for about 30-45 minutes. With the oxidation of tannins, the strong acidity will become smooth. but the most inconvenient part is that you have to wait for a long time...

No more waiting now, the best wine aerator makes you enjoy the wine in 30 seconds.

How it works?

Dionysus wine aerator has a patented structure. Using multi-stage aeration, it can quickly aerate the wine in 30 seconds...

What is Stacking?

Different wines require different decanting time. By stacking the units of Dionysus Wine Aerator, the decanting time can be accumulated, ranging from 30 minutes to several hours. Let you have more opportunities to adjust the combination to the best time.

Fine Handcraft

Every Dionysus Wine Aerator is imprinted with the sweating image of the glass master. Although it is not perfect, it is definitely unique...

Adjustable Metal Stand

SGS Inspection

Dionysus Wine Aerator has been sent to SGS inspection to ensure that it’s material meets the food contact standards.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It seems to be a complicated shape, but because the smooth glass surface, it can be simply rinsed and dried. Using heat-resistant non-toxic glass, there is no problem to be put in the dishwasher.

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