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Glass Art Décor Plate - Gems of the Rainforest

Glass Art Décor Plate - Gems of the Rainforest

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We use the patterns of poison dart frog to decor this set of glass plates.

You would be surprised that their Creator was able to pour such vibrant colors into these tiny frogs. We have to preserve the beauty of these precious gems scattered throughout the rain forest. Allow us to introduce the Yellow-Banded, Blue, Black & Green, and Harlequin poison dart frogs.

Features of Glass Décor Plate

  • Appearance: smooth, fluid lines suitable for holding fruit platters, cutlery, and other products. Used as an ornament, it displays bright, rich colors.
  • High-Quality Material: use of unleaded flat glass, can stand acid. Surface is bright and smooth, easy-to-wash to keep clean.
  • Safety: colored glaze is on the back, ensuring no contact with consumable items. Full assurance that the glaze does not contain lead, cadmium or other heavy metals in accordance with international testing standards.
  • Durable: the patterns have endured high temperature baking; the non-stick foil series are dishwasher safe.


  • Dimensions: L 134 x W 134 x H 17 mm x 4 
  • Thickness of Glass: 3 mm
  • Material: Color Printed flat glass 
  • Weight: 960 g

    Cleaning & Precautions

    ★  Usage: used for home decoration or catering dry food. Non-microwavable, do not place in ovens.
    ★  Storage: avoid stacking up the plates. It may cause the glaze damage.
    ★  Cleaning: recommend cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge.

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