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Polar Ice Ball Expert - Full Set of Clear Ice Ball Makers for Whiskey and Cocktails

Polar Ice Ball Expert - Full Set of Clear Ice Ball Makers for Whiskey and Cocktails

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Polar Ice Ball (6cm dia.) + Polar Ice Ball - Full Set (4.5cm dia. x 4)

Own the different sizes of ice balls at one time. Satisfy any type of glass and bar tending demand.


Ever wonder why the drinks you make at home don't taste as good as the ones you buy at the bar? Did you know that ice has a HUGE impact on drinks? Perfect for drink lovers and home parties, Polar Ice Tray is the first patented ice tray that allows EVERYONE to make spheres of crystal clear ice in an ordinary home refrigerator.

Polar Ice Tray is what you need.


  • CRYSTAL CLEAR ICE: the unique, patented design separates water molecules from impurities. Clear ice brings out the best taste of drinks.
  • EASY TO USE: 1. Add water 2. Put it into a freezer 3. Wait for 8-12 hours. 4. Enjoy your drinks with crystal clear ice!.
  • FROSTBITE PREVENTION: the Polar Ice Tray is made of PU foam and silicone mold;?it never causes frostbite.
  • MELTING SLOWER: ice made from our tray has a round shape and a relatively big size, so it has less surface area than general ice cubes. That means the clear ice in your drink melts slower, and your drink stays colder for longer without dilution.
  • FAIR PRICE: for the certified material and high quality production.

“Polar Ice Ball 2.0” is our latest version of our most popular product. We improved on the design and results of the original “Polar Ice Ball”.

Varieties of Polar Ice Ball 2.0

With extra ice cube mold, the user can not only make clear ice spheres but also amazing ice cubes!

What makes the new version awesome…

How to use it?

Assemble the inner layers together. Ensure each piece has a tight seal to prevent leaking.

Slowly pour water into Polar Ice Tray via the hole on top of the silicone layer.

Place the assembled components into the insulated base, and place the Polar Ice Tray into the freezer and wait 8-12 hours.