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Tripod Tasting Glass - ISO for Authentic Flavors

Tripod Tasting Glass - ISO for Authentic Flavors

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ISO Tasting Glass

ISO Tasting Glass allows aromas to distribute evenly, presenting the most authentic taste of your spirit. The triangle stand adds an interesting touch, making it easier to hold, swirl and mingle the liquor in the tulip belly.

Perfect for everyday and professional tasting. For lowland Scotch and blended whisky, ISO Tasting Glass is the best choice to bring out lighter and mellow taste in the spirit.

Learn more about Tripod Tasting Glasses.


Cleaning & Precautions:

  • Product is handmade, so there may be irregularities in the texture of the glass & slight differences in shape between the cups.
  • Because the thin wall, avoid washing it in the dishwasher. Gently place ice cubes and other hard objects in the glass to avoid breaking it.